The UR Code Method

What is UR Code?

UR Code is an oral marker that internally “bar-codes” the subject’s urine and eliminates the need to supervise urine collection.
Because UR Code makes sample substitution impossible, authorities can finally rely on truly accurate results.

How does UR Code work?

The UR Code liquid application is ingested under supervision. UR Code is absorbed (not metabolized) and cleared through the kidneys. As a result, it is capable of labeling each urine specimen with a specific “bar code” that only laboratory tests can detect.
Neither the patient nor the tester can predict which UR Code type is given.
30 minutes after the liquid application is ingested, urine can be collected without supervision.

The UR Code substance will be determined in the urine by LC-MS-MS detection method.

What are the benefits of UR Code?

UR Code offers the benefit of not having to observe urine collection and eliminates the possibility of substituting a third-party specimen.
Health care providers can rely on UR Code to help them make informed treatment decisions based on verified test results. This protocol preserves the trust between patients and their providers by eliminating the need for visual control.
Terminating the visual control also provides organizational and cost savings since same-sex observers are no longer necessary. In addition, there are no delays due to the inability to urinate while being watched.
Savings are also recognized due to the reduction of costs associated with misuse and abuse.
Most importantly, UR Code enables judges or other authorities to make informed decisions based on trusted, accurate, and quantifiable tests. These capabilities render UR Code a powerful tool in combatting drug diversion.

Why use UR Code?

Manipulated urine samples are one of the biggest issues in drug testing. Even under observation, sample manipulation and substitution are very common.
Observed collections are inefficient, expensive, and require extensive organizational effort and increased costs. Delays are common, security is jeopardized and observed collections are an invasion of privacy.
UR Code offers a more accurate, secure and cost-effective means of gathering accurate specimens while ensuring sample integrity.